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Crypto arbitrage of advertising traffic - we buy cheap traffic and sell at a higher price. Your investments allow you to buy it cheaper and in large volumes and bring you a constant profit!
And all this via Web 3.0

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Available contracts


6 010

Investment amount

$ 79 220.00

Earned by investors

$ 23 678.56

Telegram Bot

Telegram-bot notifies you about all operations carried out on your account: registration of partners, accrual of profits, contract operations

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Affiliate program 30%

Profit is accrued instantly from contracts activated by your partners. If your partner has activated a contract that you do not have, the profit from the partner is not credited to you.

Distribution by levels:
1 Level - 15%
2 Level - 8%
3 Level - 4%
4 Level - 2%
5 Level - 1%

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💥 Additional income

Watch ads and earn in real time without investments!
Our advertisers have prepared a lot of interesting videos for you!
One viewed video - $0.02
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The cost of placing an ad is 350 BUSD.
The commercial is launched within a day after the full payment is made.